Friday, December 18, 2009

perfect score experience!

"you're gonna join syafiq and linda to perfect score- subject chemistry"

What??!! perfect score?! that evening, i was really in dead shock! the idea of representing ma school to da sbp perfect score has never and ever came across my mind in my whole life. Well, as 4 introduction, perfect score is a platform where representative students from all sbps' gather and learn the technique of scoring in 4 elective subjects- addmaths, chemistry, biology and physics.

4 this year, 2009, the PS was held at UKM in collaboration wih SAS. our hostel is quite far from UKM itself, and the flat that we stayed in is called pangsapuri UKM, taman anggerik, jalan reko. so, in order to attend the course, we need to take the bus back and forth. quite tiring, actually. the hostel? superb! a bed 4 a person and no toilet-waiting-session was held. everything's perfect! er.. quite cold in the morning coz the flat is situated on a hill. well, foods?! super duper superb, dude! hot nasi lemak in the morning, nasi beriani in the afternoon and continuous supply of mineral water were too much 4 us. okay, enough 4 da amenities.

i participate in chemistry 4 3 days and 2 nights, i will be learning chem all the time. quite tiring and bored, dowh! on the 'first night', miss khoo from SSP conducted the technique and introduction 4 chemistry. there's less interaction at da night. really bored, coz we're tired due to long journey. so, i decided to start the day tomorrow actively with my schoolmates. i thought we're da only active-looking students on the next day. however, we're wrong. all students looked really energized. in chemistry, all of us are divided into several groups, (12 groups, i think-forgot la). I am grouped with a SAS student (he's so active in participating) and an intersaber student, Fikri (my very old friend) . on saturday, we're given mahjung papers and were told to complete our assignments on it. brainstorming session- i loveee it!urm...through my observation, only a few school had finished their syllabus including us. some of them had just finished studying redox (quite late arr). nway, dat's not da barrier 4 us to study, play and love chemistry dowh!

enough la 4 dis memory that i can tell...
next time la...

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