Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pengalaman intebiu sime darby

this is da code 4 my online assessment

the computer room where the 2nd. stage is being held

sime darby convention centre

B4 I start flabbergasting my fingers, juz want to inform dat 3 students of integombians had been chosen to attend the 1st. stage of sime darby interview which was sumwhere in December (4got da date la). They were khairi, syakirah azami and hannis arbaie. Lydia? Hehe, sah2 ar dye dpt bank Negara nye scholarship, apa la…
Okay, da 2nd. Call of sime darby was held at sime darby convention centre (sdcc) in bukit kiara. I was shocked to get da call, really (bcoz I only got my mail on 30/12/2009! Shit!) juz bcoz I was not well-prepared. 3 integombians were confirmed for the 2nd. Call which were me, hanachipa and rasyid. Somehow, acit dun appear on da day. Well, wut’s left juz me and chipa. Quite stupid la diz guy, though he’s genius.
Nway, the interview was expected to flag off at 8am sharp and I turned up at the sdcc building at 7.30 am, in which I had already saw a couples of interviewees there. I’m not the first, argh! Haha, 4get dat. Well, as everyone has been informed before, wether by people’s blog or talks, stepping into sdcc building is comparable to stepping in a refrigerator! Damn cold! I wonder how much and how big the air conditioners of the building were. Quite fortunate la 4 me as I wore a blazer (cam ‘keparat’ je). As I surveyed, quite a quarter of guys wore blazer and slack, of course. As 4 gurlz, only a few wore kurungs, including hana, and many preferred to wear blouse, long skirts or trousers.
Da 1st. student that I met there was Azlan, a SAS student (one with curly hair). Well, b4 Kak Intan (the woman responsible to conduct us) gathered us at the lobby, I had a taaruf session with some other guys (gurlz not interested la) and confirmed dat da interviewees came from all over the peninsula including one from kelantan, my hometown.(naim lilbanat student, I think).
Nway, alas, a small, demure lady (name unknown) gathered us and gave some briefing of the flow of activities throughout da day. We were instructed to register at the counter and parents were told to wait at the main lobby upstairs. Then, we were grouped (of 5 and 6) 4 the group discussion interview session. I was grouped with an Indian, arshant (Victoria institution), four malays, namely zafirah (kgv seremban), hanis (sepintar), azlan (sas), and hazman basil (sbpi kubang pasu), group E.
Well, I don’t understand azlan la coz he was determined to not to group with me. Quite weird and annoying la diz guy. Btw, we needed to wait 4 one hour to give way 4 da interview session 4 group a, b, c, and d. 2 groups at a time and each group was given 30 minutes to discuss.
All diz way I thought dat all of us in a group will be given a case study that need to be read, understand, and argue the issue among group members. However, I was totally wrong! There’s no case study. It’s just an interviewer (a woman that spoke English too fast), round table, chairs, and a mahjong paper behind the interviewer. mahjong papers?! Quite funny la! Well, on the flipchart, here it goes…..
Yayasan sime darby
  1. ???? (4got already)
  2. education
  3. youth, sports, and recreation.
  4. ecosystem
  5. arts and culture
We were asked to choose a field that ysd should focus on and tell the interviewer wut ysd should do and the prospects of ysd on the field. If I’m not mistaken, 3 of us chose education, arshant; sports, zafirah; arts and culture and me; ecosystem. I dun know la wether I chose da right one or not. However, points are important! Well, I juz talked about the issue in which the American had fired on asian countries especially Malaysia for clearing masses of land only for plantation sector purposes and how the sd company cleared up the misconception among the public by awareness through medias. Hehe, quite good la, eh?? Am I boasting? Astaghfirullah….
Da new format is that….guess what?? The interviewer pointed out to 1 of us and suddenly asked the question; which field does ysd should focus on. Arshant is da first target. Phew!! We didn’t prepare anything. On da spot! Shit! However, things goes well and all of us spoke like water, haha.
30 minutes over and although we wanted to talk and chatter more, the interviewer shooed us out from the room. Ya la.. another batch is waiting lorh… To continue da journey towards da 2nd. Stage which is da online assessment, one must pass da group discussion stage first. Fortunately, alhamdulillah…my teammates and I passed the 1st. stage. Bad luck goes to chipah la….pity her. Well, I juz can’t stop wondering how and why cipah was not listed?? (she’s a chatterbox, u know!)
About da online assessment? There’s 3 parts; numerical, verbal and personality test. Da numerical and verbal test were like HELL! Bloody shit tough, u see! I mean, how could a normal student answer a question regarding the insurance issue at da northern part of of Australia? Crazy huh!? One must possess good English understanding and wide global knowledge to sit the test, really! Personality test? Hurm… 300 questions in juz one hour (no time limit, actually). Easy does it, r8?!
Around 2 pm in evening, I got back home rushly. Need to sleep lorh! Arshant’s funny la. Guess what? While I and my teammates brainstorm about wut gonna happen in da interview room, he juz sat on his chair and; kroih! Kroih! Fell in a deep sleep, haha. Btw, he got no problems la, his English is fluent like river!
As 4 me, SD was really tough…. Well, khazanah scholarship is waiting 4 me on 12/1/2010 at kl sentral and in the meantime, I had fun jollying with others at gopeng (plkn)!! Hahaha, interview sudeyh la… bkn mengharap sgt pown, kan?
~the end~

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Gazing at Masjid Negara- 1/1/2010

alalalala..irham, kp ana
i'm in blue, next to me was my lil brother
sory, my handset camera quite tahi ar..
livecast shot on canvas

“New year starts with a bang!” have u heard this phrase before? If I’m not mistaken, it’s the words of tv3 advertisement that showcases a few nice movies or blockbusters in conjunction with the new year celebration. Well, the phrase, for me, reflects the rare (quite common, actually) lunar eclipse phenomenon which blasts the world population on 1/1/2010.

I knew the event only a couple of days before the new year’s eve in a public forum at it’s just a coincidence, really. At first, I wanted to search the internet regarding calendar activities of falak activists’ movement in Malaysia. However, wut’ve I found was the calendar of the then 2008 activities which I think was too outdated and the panels of the websites are just not concern about the awareness of the public on falak issues. I’m not firing this accusation to falakonline alone, but also to the jabatan mufti for each state, angkasa and itself. Very DISAPPOINTING! PATHETIC! For me, it’s no use to sit in a table, discuss on how to bring astronomy to the heart of the public (hehe, I participated in the national Islamic astronomy symposium 2009) if the authorities itself don’t make a reformation towards media especially the websites.

Finish until there, continue on my reports of the event at masjid Negara. The activity starts on 1 am till 5 am in the morning of the 1st. January. The idea of telling my parents to participate in the event was too sickening for me. Too many excuses; I’m still young, it’s dangerous out there, need to prepare for PLKN, tired, and…..shit! I knew it from the beginning that that’s wut gonna happen. But, alas, I succeeded in persuading my parents to drop me by the masjid Negara due to my persistent determination (ceih!). hahaha, am I evil? Nope! They are evil, eh no!, zalim because of not letting me go and learn sumthing valuable and pricey out there. Hihi…

~the tentative~

I met irhamni in the mosque juz when I had arrived there. Lots of people there. Mostly malays la, of course and quite a number of Chinese which I think were the amateur astronomers. I can say that a quarter of the participants came from tahfiz school and tabligh.

Wut’s on focus here is the lunar eclipse. There’s 3 types of it, namely penumbral, total and partial lunar eclipse. Wut’s happen on 1/1/10 wuz partial lunar eclipse which means the moon will be overcastted by the umbra and penumbra area of the earth. About 8% of the moon section will be dark due to the umbra. The moon’s propagation into the penumbra area started at 1.17 am in which one can hardly see the changes of the moon phases. Solat sunat gerhana followed by khutbah was expected to start at 2.30 am, so, in the meantime, the Angkasa and masjid Negara took the opportunity to make some outreach programme with the public. There’s talk, planet (mars and zuhal) gazing and quizzes. The quizZES were very fun and most of the kids came up and answer the questions. However, nizam, my smaller brother, irhamni and I managed to answer some questions and the rewardiNg is, Angkasa t-shirt. I asked an ‘abang’ regarding on how could he knew this event at masjid Negara. He said that he accidentally heard the news of the event sumwhere around the morning at tv3. poor role of media la!

After I had solat, the highlights of the programme was the maximum phase of lunar eclipse. Technically, the moon started to enter the umbra area at 3.24 am and ends at around 3.53 am. By 3.40, we could easily saw with our naked eyes the dark part of the moon. THe night was clear, the gazing of zuhal was also perfect! I can easily see the ring of it and the cassini vision! How was great! Subhanallah…

Then, there’s a talk by dr. syed kamaruzaman who was the important person in astronomy field in Malaysia. Simply love him! Btw, he’s my lecturer in uiam during the NITROS programme.

Juz some quick notes to learn…;

# why is that the lunar eclipse don’t happen in each month?

= simply because the propagation of moon around the earth is slanted about 5% from he horizontal line of earth-sun.

# lunar eclipse is usually followed by solar eclipse (15/1/2010- annular).

# solat sunat gerhana was syariated on the 5th. Of hijri. It was done with 2 rakaat, 1 salam, and 4 ruku’. It’s sunat to recite long verses of surah in the quran.

# think imaginically, the lunar eclipse is longer in duration compared to da solar eclipse.

~the end~