Tuesday, May 4, 2010


        Currently, as u can see the day n date stated in this post, I’m not yet working or studying. Neither feeling bored. However, our brain oil need not be in a relaxed state all the time, rite? So… there’s a few activities that I’m involved in and am feeling quite glad if u can spend ur tyme on reading this. If u’re not interested, so get lost!! Hahah… btw, i’m not that bad okay~

       1st. may (labour day), I participated in jogathon organized by the noble & residency (N&R) park committee. Guessed that I still have the stamina that I’d brought from my NS training programme, so… managed to secure first!! Huhu… other contestants, I’m sorry 4 being holding this crown 4 the past 3 years. I do not did it on purpose, really…

         The next early morning, we went to masjid al-falah usj 9 to attend the kuliah on sairus salikin by a so-famous-ulama’ from kedah named syeikh ahmad fahmi zam zam… the topic? *in malay= lima adab orang yg terima zakat (asnaf). A nice issue to be extrapolated to the public…. Here it goes—

1      asnaf perlu sedar bahwa mereka menerima zakat kerana Allah mewajibkan org2 islam yg mlengkapi syarat utk mmberi zakat kepadanya… bukan kerana status mereka sbg asnaf atau nasib mlg yg tlh menimpa mereka…
Rasional= mwujudkan sifat qana’ah..

2      terima zakat supaya dpt brsyukur kpd Allah melalui manifestasi ucapan terima kasih kpd manusia lain… ingat! Hablun min allah, wa hablun min annas…

3      asnaf HANYA boleh terima zakat sekiranya dia btol2 YAKIN bahwa keadaannya membolehkannya utk menerima zakat. Asnaf tdk boleh ambil lebih drpd hutangnya..
misal= hamba allah ni boleh terima duit zakat sebnyak duit yg tlh dilaburkan terlebih dahulu utk membina masjid,,,

4      seelok2nye asnaf ambil zakat cukup2 utk makan selama setahun/sebulan/semalam… banyak pendapat ulama’ snanye…

5      asnaf mesti bertanye, sama ada duit zakat yg diperolehnya adalah habuannya se-mata2 agar tdk trlebih…

        Then, that evening, after the kuliah, irhamni came to my house. His sole aim was just to exchange back our novels (terasing n denyut kasih medic). However, thinking that he’d gone this far from his house at kajang, we planned to meet our senior who are now pursuing a-level at taylor’s college; bro amir zulhaqeem zakaria.

       To tell the truth, bro haqeem had promised us to money-spending’us bcoz we got very good results in SPM.. ceyh (irhamni esp.) so, I, as a driver, brought them to subang parade n we’d dinner at pizza hut. RM60.60 (price for meal for 4 person though there’re only trio of us… hahah!) *elaun petronas dye bru masuk daaa..

        And, ohhh. I n irham visited bro haqeem’s den-like-house as well. Hmmm.. juz trying to get a glimpse of college life actually. D day was too tiring 4 me. Going to sleep… zzzzzzz (assalamualaikum; snoring-like salam)


nazrinafifi said...

hahha.. lupe nak gtaw..
umah abg haqeem btol2 depan taylor yg apartment tuh..
sesape nak g umah dye, kasi gtaw aq dulu la..
ne tahu bley sesat.. hahaha

apies said...

hoho....ko duit TNB belum dapat ka?haha