Friday, May 28, 2010

Sime Darby pulakk.. adoy~ T_T

u guys real ROCKS man....

Salam dan senyum pembuka bicara…*anggap je la aq senyum ye..*

       I will make it straight to the point n less blablabla insyaAllah. So, frankly speaking, I went to grand dorsett subang jaya on the day this entry is posted from 8am till 2pm. And this was my second experience to attend the third stage of sime darby interview *last time I applied using trial spm result*.

       “eh, apesal plak ko gedik2 nak pegi jugakk??”, “bpk tamak siott ko.. xsyukur2 ke ngan ape yg ko da dpt, haa??!!” :: adesss,, berdesing jugak telinga aq. Weyh, kome sume ingat aq nak pegi sgt ke haa?? *aq kan pemalas*. To tell the truth, abah persuaded me into it. He said, “xpoo.. gi jah.. abe xsoh la redi gapo2 pong. Stakat gi nok kenokan intebiuwer dio sudoh la…” *hahah!! Sengal la jugakk, patutla anak dye kuat dajal org*.

       Ermm.. there were 9 of us in a group. 5 nannies and 4 guys. Sorry, I totally forgot ur names, duh~ *ching, atiya, dayang, dayang’s fren (sorriieee), syaima, shin, ikmal, puven. Is it??* Ok. I think I won’t elaborated more on how the interview went on. The procedures were 100% the same with wut I’d experienced before. I meant the task, case study, n etcetera2. so, to know more, juz click this!!!

       By 2pm, Shin and I lunched together at a nearby mamak stall. Thinking to go to subang parade, but unfortunately, Shin’s flight to Labuan was at 5.45pm. well, I can say that he is a real independent guy. He came all the way to west Malaysia on its own!! and was staying in 5-star holiday villa also on his own risk!! Wooohooo~ *salute spring ar weyh*

       Chances to proceed to the next stage of interview?? Naaahh.. no hope. My original intention were juz to make sum friends, fill up my leisure time at home, gain more knowledge and experience ofc. Till that, bye~…

p/s; 4 more pics, kindly seek in my fb kayh!!

Shin's hotel. guess wut?? nett rate=RM220!!! woha!!damn cheap!!!


apies said...

220 for a suite?gile murah..!

nazrinafifi said...

taw xpe.. dahla kat area urban subang jaya!!!
hari2 sekolah mmg murah kutt..