Saturday, June 5, 2010

Munaaqasyah Dirham Dinar; BullsEYE!!!

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 khilafah!!! Yeah!!

       Reference= Euro’s intrinsic value turmoil and the soaring price of gold per gram. Who’s to blame? What’s the cause? Ans= CAPITALISME and SECULARISME, please google for it yourselves okayh?? tanye ameer pon boley gak...

       So, officially said, I’d attended the munaaqasyah dirham dinar held by hizbut tahrir Malaysia on 30th. May 2010 at Khilafah Centre Bandar Baru Bangi. As usual, the idea of telling my parents regarding this programme was a real sick. Haihz~ is there anything wrong in acquiring something right and valuable out there. I am no longer a kid OK?!!! Oh… if only I’d a car, oh, oh and ohh…

       Ok cukup mengarut. Berbalik kepada isu yang ingin dibincangkan. Pertama sekali, sepuluh jari aku hulurkn untuk memohon maaf sekiranya post kali ini sgt lewat terutamanya kpd sahabat2 yang nak tahu sgt psl munaaqasyah kali ini. Mengapa bullseye? Apa kaitan ‘mata kerbau’ dgn keruntuhan system kapitalisme dewasa ini?? Oppss.. hehe, rasanya aku dah terbagi hint kott. Kalau nak taw lg, teruskan pembacaan anda ok?

       The first workpaper presenter, Prof. Dr. Mohammad which is the activist of Hizbut Tahrir Malaysia had gave a short brief on the foundation of capitalisme which were 1. free market and 2. free solution to arising problems. He’d also mentioned the kickstart and the falling era of gold dinar.

       Naturally (fitrah), man are attracted to valuables like gold. And for centuries since (I meant the prehistoric civilization), trade were made through gold-based-value medium. However, the climax of this gold era was during the reign of Khilafah Umaiyyah. Syeikhul Malik Bin Marwan, the caliph on 74 Hijriyyah started to mould the gold into legalized dinar and founded the policy of not using outsiders’ currency. Cool wasn’t it?

       The gold era dimmed in line with the falling of the Daulah Ottomaniyah. Simultaneously, the West introduced paper notes based on gold value. This FIAT money concept began on 1971. ermm.. truthly, there’s a lot of conflicts such as the idea of Wood before 1971. a lot to story here and I hope u guyz could just google for it ok? Sorrryyy…

       The second presenter, Ustaz Hafiz addressed the methods and the barriers of implementing the dirham dinar concept in secularized country like us, Malaysia. I’m sorry bcoz I didn’t jot down all the methods mentioned, but, there’s a few that I think were the important key areas.

       One of them, Malaysia should change its trading and market policy, the ‘rakyat’ will be given a period of time to change their FIAT money to the dinar, Baitulmal need to be an important agency and should replace the responsibility of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Finance Ministry. Cool eh?? Haha…

       So, what’s the ‘kekangan’ of this implementation?? 1. Islamic countries were too weak and not united. 2. the leaders of Islamic countries themselves were being puppeted and indirectly ordered by the West and Jews (can I say the old man Najib?).
       all in all, Ustaz Hafiz stated that the idea of breaking the siege of capitalisme, islami politics and et cetera2 can only be implemented if and only if through the medium of the Daulah Khilafah Ala Minhaj Nubuwwah (Negara islam tanpa sempadan spt Madinah).

       And guess what?? I learned economy-like-physics concept too!! Here it goes; Growth Domestic Production (betul er??), GDP = money reserve x velocity. Let’s say the money reserve within one’s country is fixed and the only variable left was velocity. According to Prof. Mohammad, the ‘velocity’ term refers to the liquidity of currency; easeness to move the money from one to another. The (ms-1) can be increased through interest-free business; means no ‘riba’ involved.

       Sekali lagi, macam program Hizbut Tahrir yg aku dah pergi kat Masjid Ubudiyah Shah Alam, program ni xdela gempak mane. Tp kali ni mmg ramai r org dtg. Sampai kerusi bangku pun x cukup siott.. yg dtg lmbat kenela berdiri kat belakang… huhu~ kk, assalamualaikum w.b.t penutup warkah.


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