Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shift Your Paradigm

Details of SYP program;
Time; 21-22 august 2010
Venue; aqsa syariff tanjung malim
Participants; unikl, kyuem students

          Salamullah ‘alaik… segala puji bagi tuhan semesta alam kerana diri ini masih berada dlm petunjukMu. Tahmid keatasNya jua kerana pemilik blog ini selamat mengikuti program spt yg tertera di atas. Pd mulanya mls nk ikut serta disebabkan kekangan masa serta tenaga, namun digagahkan juga diri setelah teringat pesanan member dari KISAS; “jgn berkira dengan Allah… karang kalau Allah berkira dgn kita, susah kita nanti”. =)

          Hari pertama kami lepak2 dulu memberi ruang kpd otak agar bersedia menerima segala ilmu pd keesokan hari. Mcm biasa, sesi taaruf diadakan dgn dipengerusikan oleh pegawai PPD Batang Padang sebelum majlis berbuka puasa. Esok pagi, selepas puas main ping-pong after subuh, first talk diberikan oleh sdr Fazdhly (Greenwich uni) bertajuk “perjalanan mencari islam di UK”.

          Main ideas;
  • Islam understanding is more than just knowing it.
  • Reality nowadays; society have the knowledge, but lack of practice. Al ilmu bilaa amal ka assyajar bilaa samar.
  • We appreciate islam more in a harsh-islamist-atmosphere like in UK.
  • Advice to live in bi’ah hasanah to upgrade ourselves. If the ambience is in vice versa, do create the desirable bi’ah together with your friends in islam.
  • Have your own goal ila mardaatillah. Having 1st. class honours degree and perfect malay culture are not allah’s judgement.
ustaz pali

dari kiri; syazwan (warwick) dan syukri (imperial)

Giliran sdr. Khalil Imran (LSE, KY batch 10) pula menyampaikan tajuk “ini sejarah kita”. Basically its about storytelling the history of islam revolution. Nothing much to elaborate on this issue, really. During the evening, we’d been showcased with several videos to open up our eyes and mind. Sejurus, berderau darah Melayu ni nak bantu mujahidin islam di negara2 yg tertindas. Sejurus, baru diri ini sedar bahawa masih banyak visi hidup yg belum tercapai. Setakat memenuhi keputusan 4A* a-level masih belum memadai. Sungguh~

Petang itu kami berbuka puasa bersama-sama. Super seniors belanja belaka. Sempat juga mereka kongsikan pengalaman pahit manis hidup di merata tempat di UK seperti London, Greenwich, Manchester, warwick dan Edinburgh. Bende masih xtentu fly ke tak, sibuk je nak Tanya as if kitorang dlm predeparture program. Adeyh~ papehal pown, best la.. uhuh~

singgah bazaar TM sat..

K, tu je nk story today. Chow~ gambar2 yg len mcm bese.. kat fesbuk aku aa..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Muslim Youth Camp (MYC) 2010

“towards professional e’clat”

          Assalamualaikum!!! (jgn lupe jwb salam). Currently, my biological study timing has misplaced from its original track (suatu kondisi yg sgt menyedihkan). And so goes for my blog entries’ time interval. Somehow, I don’t know for how long does this condition will exist and don’t have an idea either when will I give a fullstop to this. Sigh~

          ‘ala kulli hal (hehs.. sesuki je campoq arab), I juz wanna inform that recently, I’d attended the annual MYC program. The bracketed term intro for this post is actually the theme for this year’s MYC; held from 13 till 15 august at ‘kem desa selesa tanjung malim’ which is a stone throw’s away from KYUEM. *kathir pengalaman yg aku nk kongsikan kali ni… so, maafla kalau entri ni pnjang sgt ye… =)

first day.. lekluuhh!!

          Mls nk membebel panjang2, so at the very first day, all of us were divided into groups led by super seniors (mine is bro muaz; ICSI, Dublin). Then, before maghrib, we had TOD (talk of the day) 1; cinta dan mencintai. Pergh… hari first dah ckp psl mslh couple ek? Erkz? Xdela… its just that our TOD revolves around friends and our khalik. Its about how we’re supposed to love others. Lgpun, isu pasangan haram (b4 kawen) nie dah basi kowt… lalala~

          Right after subuh prayers on the second day, we played an activity named “riang ria; mat kepoh MYC”. Game ni mmg best giler… sungguh mencabar minda dan ketajaman pemerhatian empirikal. Xcaye? Buktinye= our drowsiness and sleepy mood mase lepas subuh just flew away that we felt energetic enough throughout the day.. sumpah!! kalu nk taw ape game dye, dtgla MYC tahun depan ye… =)

suasana mendamaikan... =)

          Ok, after dhuha prayers pulak, we’d given a broad-topic talk entitled ‘manusia, antara musuh dan pencipta’ by an ex-KISAS ustaz… (ape ntah name dye. Adoi~). He said that, we (human) are what we’re during ramadhan. phm x? means= the fasting month is an indicator for our true colours of behaviour and ibadah (sbb sume setan dah kene rantai..). he also stated that, based on Qoran, we’ve 3 categories of nafsu which are; mutmainnah (tenang), ammarah (jahat), lawwamah (sederhana). It is lawwamah nafs that we’re fighting with this ramadhan.

However, ntah mcm mane… topic perbincangan tersasar kpd bidaah. Mmg la rasulullah (pbuh) xde buat tarawikh jemaah 20 rakaat, talqin, and zikir collectively after solah fardu, BUT, there’s no wrong in doing this as imam nawawi classify these practices as maw’izatul hasanah. Imam sayuti himself said that; these practices were very encouraged to TEACH the society. Nk harapkan every single baitul muslim dlm Negara didik anak2 muda; mmg HARAM xbole hrpla… =(

*yg aku peliknya, ade jugak manusia kontemporari yg hentam sume bidaah ni haram dan bertentangan dgn pndapat ulama2 khalaf/salaf as if diorang tu bagus sgt kalau nk compare with the well-known islamic scholars. Dey~ cube ukur baju ngan mufti negeri kau dulu la… dahla xsetaraf, inikan pula dgn ulama2 dahulu kala…

Back to the tentative… that evening, again, we’d a talk entitled ‘man vs wild’ by ustaz sukri sulaiman. Not much can I elaborated on this. Then, we’d a sort of quiz-like activity; Islamic world. Yeah… u guessed it right, we needed to answer which countries were associated with the questions and point it out on a world map (my fav sbb geography ak gempak… lalala~). Before maghrib azan, the super seniors conducted a very nice activity named “santai; chef ramadhan MYC”. We learned making karipap from them. Facis banin pon cekap jugak buat kerje2 dapur nih sbb dorang jadikan ni sbg hobi kat UK. Best2~

karipap rekaan UK.. lalala~

That night, after maghrib, held a forum entitled; 'islam bukan sekadar agama' moderated by humorous bro Izwan. The panelists were sis rushdina (btol er? Lupe aa), sis wan Diana (ex-KY, graduated and now working at petronas KLCC) and bro hilfi (medic student, uni ape ntah..). sis dina shared her experience learning culture faith subject in UK and she said that it is obviously the West only instilled their religion fundamentals in ibadah purposes and not holistically implemented.

Sis wan Diana pulak talked about the reality of islam amongst youngsters nowadays and the OPACITY between truth and false in Malaysia. In fact, she shared that ustaz hasrizal himself said that he scared to raise his childrens in Malaysia. Why? Because compared to UK, haq and batil is so obvious and way too far cry between those two. Bro hilfi, in the other hand, gave many examples from dalil to prove the topic of this forum. One of them; albaqarah 208 (udkhulu fis silmi kaaffah..)

usrah kat sungai.. damai lagi..

Third day!!! (our last day) After subuh, ade riang ria lagi!!! Babun… yg ni mmg sumpah terbestest. Juga lebih mencabar minda dan pengetahuan am. Mlg sekali bagi grup aku coz we were given the hardest category of quizzes which is akidah. Damn~ xpe, at least banyak gile kott ilmu yg berjaya dicedok. Next event, 2nd. Forum entitled ‘tiada percuma untuk ke SYURGA’ moderated by bro Akmal (Newcastle uni). The panelists were Dr. Mas Afzan (KY ’04, medic sheffield uni), Ir. Hazman Hadi (KY ’05, geology curtin uni, petronas, graduated, worked at petronas KLCC as geoscientist and married!!) and sis Nik Madihah (newcastle uni).

Don’t believe the forum’s topic. Somehow, the panelists’ elaboration ran far away from the main idea. Duhhh~ Inilah akibatnya kalau kedua-dua pihak (panelis dan pelajar) aktif mengutarakan pendapat. A nice and lively forum I could conclude. Besides reminding us the utmost pleasure of seeing our khalik in jannah as our drive for our betterment, Dr. Mas also emphasized on methods of dakwah like uswah hasanah becoz we should walk the talk as the saying goes actions speak louder than words.

Ir. Hazman ckp psl da’ie jugak. He said, “jgn rase diri kerdil utk jd pendakwah. We should shift our paradigm that ‘I am a da’ie’. Kalo rase mcm xmampu pon, be an unsung heroes that contributed sumthing to the ummah". He also mentioned the input-process-output concept in our life. For instance, ‘kutiba ‘alaikum assiam kamaa kutiba ‘ala allazina min qablikum la’allakum tattaquun’. The process analogy in this qoran verse is to fast whilst the expected output is taqwa.

There’s no such saying in this world like “kau kesah hape aku nak pakai tudung ke xnak. Org yg zina tepi tasik tu yg pakai tudung lg teruk akhlak die drpd aku yg xpakai. Bukannye aku ade wat dosa2 besar cam dorang pon..”. in this case, a simple analogy can be given. Imagine that the settings of old machineries in proton factory shah alam is designed to make a box-like-shape of the then edition of Proton Juara. Wa laakin (tetapi), the output production is a brand new Proton Persona complete with 2010 series bodykit. Ridiculous aite? How on earth does that can happen…

The third panel, sis Nik Madihah gave dakwah insights more on to women. She provided us 3 facts which were very hard to interpret such as ‘positive difference’ manifesto of Barack Obama, UK’s audit cycle and China’s policy of ‘the people’s police’. Ade mende ntah lagi dye merepek… adoyai~ aku terkulat-kulat pening sengsorang kat belakang. These 3 should be implemented in islamic dakwah, according to her. She shared her experiences regarding principles’ dilemma too. Katanya, wanita islam sejati bukanlah yg duduk diam, xbanyak ckp and xkeluar rumah langsung. Kalo camni, camne nk dakwah? In the end, wanita like ‘sisters in islam’ yg ntah hape2 tuh yg bgerak ke serata dunia bawak imej wanita islam. Ape kejadah? NO WAY!!

3 ekor makhluk pelik.. keri, lee n zameer.. kah3~

Fuh… banyak gile aku merepek kali ni. Harap kalian Berjaya membaca entri ini sampai habis. Kah3~ sekian. Sampai di sini sahaja laporan MYC pd tahun ini. Kpd yg nak join, tahun berikutnya masih ada insyaAllah… jom2, rugi woo x join sekaki… k, salam~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 weeks passed…

“alwaqtu ka assaif.. illam taqto’hu qata’ak”
           Bismillahirrahmanirrahim… alhamdulillahi rabb al’alamin, wassalatu wassalam ‘ala ‘asyrafil anbiyaai wal mursaliin, wa ‘ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajma’in. ‘Amma ba’d. fayaa ayyuhal muslimun, ittaqullah la’allakum tuflihuun… sidang blogger yg dikasihi sekalian, khutbah entri kali ini dimulakan dgn pepatah arab yg cukup terkenal berkaitan MASA. *wohoo… tetibe lak dtg idea nk buat intro blog camnih.. wakaka~

           Khatib meneruskan khutbah, “tahukah antum maksud sebenar yg tersirat di sebalik pepatah tersebut?? Masa itu ibarat pedang samurai, jika kamu tidak memotongnya, maka ia akan memotong kamu. Dampaknya tersangat drastic melebihi daripada imaginasi antum akan kehebatan bankai Kurosaki Ichigo…” *kalau xfaham, sila baca manga Bleach.

           Di suatu sudut masjid, kelihatan lembaga seorang budak yg tunduk khusyuk mendengar khutbah tersebut. Sesekali kepalanya terangguk-angguk mengiyakan kebenaran setiap patah perkataan yg dituturkan oleh khatib sebentar tadi. Sejurus, mindanya terbabas ke sekolah baharunya yg bernama KYUEM yg terletak di lembah beringin. Betapa budak tersebut bersungguh-sungguh memuhasabah dirinya selama 3 minggu beliau berada di sana.

           KY induction week. Interhouse/interbatch games. Batch anniversary. Interfaith talk. KY alumni weekend. House fundraising. Cultural performance. Pet family. Dan yang sewaktu dengannya… Satu-persatu event sekolahnya menerjah ke dalam kotak fikiran budak tadi. Dahinya berkerut-kerut memikirkan baik buruk partisipasinya di sekolah luar Bandar tersebut.

           Celakalah orang yang semalamnya lebih baik daripada hari ini. Budak tadi faham benar mafhum hadis nabi tersebut. Dia menarik nafas dalam seketika memikirkan dalil itu sejurus melangkah keluar dari masjid itu. Pada tahap sedemikian, mindanya telah mencapai satu consensus bahawa penghijrahan alam bayi kepada kanak-kanak merupakan satu jihad yg sgt perlu dititikberatkan.

*budak itu ialah …….. err.. xpela.. nnt ak story pulak event2 sekolah budak tadi dari perspektif indah dan huduh… lalala~ salamullah 'alaik...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aku masih hidup~

Greetings to all!!

           Fuhh… dah lama gila blog ni xterupdate. Tikus serta memerang dah buat sarang beliau kat sini. Sawang sang labah2 memang xyah ckp ar… spiderman pun boleh kagum sekejap. Adeyh~ babun btol,, semenjak dua menjak ni aku asyik melalut je xtentu pasal sebab gian blogging aku tdk dpt tertunai…

           Wokayh dear avid ‘uptothelimits’s readers, my absentness for this three weeks was basically because I’ve been settled down in beringin valley; an isolated forest where my college is located. But, before that, I humbly ask for forgiveness for upsetting u guys. Nahh atiqah yahya, aku dah update blog aku.. kau eager sgt looking forward for my next post kan? Lalala~ =)

Disebabkan situasi aku yg membisu, jadi, ramai aa jugak yg bertanya, “weh, kau ape cer kat KY?”

xkurang ade jugak yg sempat membahan aku, “apesal kau senyap je ekh sekarang? Aku rindu kau yg dulu2; yg periang bak kanak2 ribena dan suke pedajal orang…” =.=’

           ok la kalian, sukacitanya dimaklumkan, beberapa hari lagi kita akan start berpuasa. Eh? Mende pulak.. tak tak. Sukacitanya dimaklumkan, aku sihat walafiat dan baik-baik sahaja di samping sirvishahlee samsir di sini… keh3~ siap jambu dengan die lg kat sini…

           banyak lg aku nak berceloteh.. tp, aku rase cukup je la smpai kat sini. Kang wat entri pnjang2 bukannye korang nk bace… aku tahu sgt la… =) entri nih hanyalah sekadar pemanas jari-jemari untuk menaip dan sebagai ibarat bergotong-royong kasi bersih sikit blog yg dah xnmpak cam blog nie… juga sebagai indicator bahawa aku masih hidup dan blog ini masih wujud… k, salam~