Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Belated interfaith talk

          Salam bloggers (wah, mcm2 salam ade zmn sekarang ni ek…). Tapi, aku just nak ingatkan, nabi kita tak pernah kasi salam kat orang lain melainkan ianya tidak sia2 serta mendoakan kerahmatan Allah terhadap penerima salam. Ie; salamullah ‘alaik, assalamualaikum warahmatullah, assalam wahdatul maalizie… erk? Ok back to the point. =.=’

kamil said; wuts ur opinion sifu?

          KYUEM interfaith talk was conducted on… (weh aku lupe tarikh!!!). anyway, the talk was moderated by ustaz hasbi and Pastor John (Christian), Professor Bala (hindu), sifu naseer (islam) were the panelists on that day. ‘To instill the understanding of god and to find the common underlying rationale between religions’ were the main objectives of the event (peace), not the ‘titik perbezaan’ okayh?! *in the spirit of 1Malaysia… yeahh!! Hihi~ so, let’s hear the thoughts of these scholars…

Pastor John
  • Jesus Christ is a god, and holds wealm’s god in man
  • Concepts of love, peace, goodness depends on the perspectives of knowledge of the God and man.
  • Where there is love, there is God. So, God is love
  • Man’s destiny is to be like god (the God’s values)
Professor Bala
  • Dharmic principles were compiled in a single book by the Masters long time ago through experiences and practices.
  • Though hindu has many gods, all of them rooted from a single source. Differs occur by different masters.
  • Life’s purpose; seeking union with the God. Not to equate god, but to become as perfect as possible.
  • If there’s a form of God, means Gods are vulnerable for destructiveness!!! *oh and at this moment, educated eyes of kyuem-ians suddenly enlarged…
  • Purpose of self-sacrifice; create harmonies in the world
Sifu naseer
  • Islam is not the same as muslim. Comparatively, don’t judge the Christians the same as the past crusaders’ attitudes. Because, All religions promote goodness. =)*couldn’t agree much…
  • Islam sustain the universe by sending prophets
  • True islam is blinded by our own culture. And the same apathy goes to other religions.
Q&A session
  • Explain trinity.
-no trinity word in bible. Its just a concept. There are 3 gods; father, son and ruh ul-quddus (refers to Gabriel in islam). We’re 1.

  • Christians promote love in every aspect. Other way round, islam promotes fear god. Why there is such disparity?
- you got the wrong message, because you judge a religion by their practitioners. In fact, to every ibadah, you begin with basmalah; Allah the most merciful, the most gracious.

  • Relationship between Quran, bible and science?
- both pastor and sifu agreed that quran and bible are not an approach for scientific ‘research’. Plus, you wouldn’t know a religion if you’re comparing it with science. Reminder from them; faith and ikhlas come first in acquiring religious understanding.

  • Explain the divinity of jesus.
-unexplainable because I slept. Damn… its freaking cold in the great hall.

malu tanya sesat jalan~


nurainamir said...

smart gile mak nak no ktua program ni..wink3~

::neyssa:: said...

weyh sifu naseer dr uia ke?

nazrinafifi said...

ain; aku pon xtau arh sape yg conduct prog nih...
nisa'; ye kot... ntah. aku pon xtau.. haha!!!