Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Love Contract

We, the undersigned, knowing and believing that love is a desirable state, knowing and believing that we are potentially a good match for each other, and knowing and believing that we are each currently available to be in an exclusive relationship with each other, hereby agree as follows;

To the death,

          That, for the duration of this contract, we will date only each other 5 times a day (or more) and will have no worshipping contacts with other potential God partners. Na’uzubbillah min zalik.

          That we share, and seek to attain, certain mutually beneficial goals; to know each other deeply; to trust each other; to know how to resolve conflicts that may arise; to be free of inhibitions that might prevent us from feeling love; to be able to overcome challenges to our relationship; and, finally and most important of all, to love each other with a love that is genuine, deep, and ever growing.

          That, in order to achieve these goals, we will, in good faith and with high hopes for our future, participate in a number of activities.

  • Keeping no secrecy; telling our companions the best of love between us.
  • Participating in congregation prayers designed to promote our love.
  • Participating in group activities (usrah) designed to enhance our love.
  • Reading your everlasting holy book; the Qoran.
  • Going on getaways or attending retreats that might foster our love.

Effective date,

          This agreement becomes effective immediately upon vowing that thou art our only true love and Lord, during the very beginning phase of life, when our souls were in your hand.

          We are committed to living up to the terms of this agreement fully and completely in line with your saying; udkhuluu fi al-silmi kaaffah. Thus, it is high hope to us for thee do not make us far astray and to continue to move forward toward achieving lasting love.

Signed and witnessed this day,

(Your truly caliph)

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nurainamir said...

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eyl said...

seram weh. tp berkesan dn cool.