Wednesday, June 8, 2011

berlalunya AS

ASSALAMUALAIKUM!!!   Kom ape.. kombat, bat ape.. batman, man ape.. mentol, tol ape… (lu pikirlah sendiri) wah!!

                Imagine of me doing steering wheel dance, moving hips left and right, while murmuring "zim zimma, who get the keys to my strimmer?". And oh it’s not over nevertheless. Beat changes to Baltimore club and I start to put my hands in the air. Head bangs.

                Oh craps, no. I’m not that into dancing. But yeah, that’s what I did lepas kunci pintu bilik dan takde orang tengok. Kalau terkantoi, jatuh harga diri aku bhai… erk. Generally speaking, I’m done with AS and hoping not to repeat ‘em again next year. So agak hyper la jugak tadi… wah!

                AS exam was an important one for me. So as PMR and SPM. But AS was a whole lot different. This time, I’m pushing my ‘independent’ level to the limits. Bayang weh, kat hostel sbpi dulu, friends, teachers and wardens were always there whenever I fell or I need help. Parents pun datang tiap2 minggu. Abah taught me Add Maths and umi taught me Bahasa Melayu. I was well-equipped for my exams then. I’m always prepared.

But here, in college, in a middle of nowhere, I think I lacked… attention? Someone that cares for my well being to be exact? Or… is it just a typical paranoid feeling that haunts late-teenagers? I bet not. Duh~ hokayh, drop the case. Enough with human psychology. Ni safuan sabri punye keje la ni…

I’m so touched with these;

“abe cool, solat hajat doa kpd Allah smoga diberi ketenangan dan kesihatan yg baik. Utk paper esok, mlm ni just a quick review overall topics how application of concepts in exam type questions which u have gone thru before. insyaAllah abe ok.” –abah

“ok. insyaAllah. Abe banyakkan zikir sambil baca buku. Make kurma dan kismis, minum air zamzam. Umi tahu abe dah doa, usaha, selebihnya kita serah kat Allah. Umi, abah solat hajat tiap male.” –umi.

“understand the theory and concept is compulsory. Knowing to tackle problems is a must. Familiar with typical questions and past years exam format is important. Regular practice, smart planning, speed n efficient problem solving- especially maths and physics is very crucial. Do it! insyaAllah abe will score excellent result in the coming test or exam.” –abah.

Umi and abah (diorang bace ke x eh belog aku nih..?), ur doa, text n moral support is more than enough. Doakan abe jadi anok soleh jah hok abe mitok… tsk tsk. *amboih, emo smacam la pulak…


Nina Mazlan said...

bila fifi ckp nak nari camtu, aku terus byg fez.serius jgn buat.fez sorg pon da cukup.heh. =.=

waaa, da habes AS.bestnya... T.T

fifi said...

i don't do in public. utk isteri terchenta shj... erk.

AS dh habes, tp kene gi kelas lg. oh lalala~

nur amir said...

bestnyew jd anak wak jadi anak amir best juga.. all da best nazrinafifinasruddin..

nazrinafifi said...

ye ain, ana ingat pesan nti. jaga posisi kan? :)