Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twins of Faith Malaysia 2011

A world where EVERY MUSLIM is able to live FAITHFULLY to their BELIEF, building AN EXEMPLARY ISLAMIC COMMUNITY that BENEFITS humanity

Awesome. Sehr cool.

And alhamdulillah for He had gave me the opportunity to be part of the twinsoffaith family event last weekend. For me, this event is one of a kind, a unique one, in a way that participants were warned at the very beginning of the event on what they should be expecting. As in textbooks, learning outcomes were outlined, and the same theme of ‘ilm & amal’ was highlighted throughout the 2-day conference.

Inputs flooded my brain gates that I felt there’s so much to share. And so much to ponder upon. Oh well, the same goes to my Facebook and Twitter feeds. =)

So I guess posting what’s available in those social networks would be more than enough, ey? Haha. so here's the list.

ISLAM stands for I Shall Love All Mankind :D

Kalau I Shall Love All Malays? :) Well - that's fine also because Malays are part of Mankind but Mankind is the truest from Islam :) 
- Sheikh Hussein Yee

1) We are being taught about sincerity. On how to work it on, and why we need it. The extreme necessity of it.
2) We are being taught that money is just a commodity for us to go into jannah. Let your money be the oxygen which will fuel up the Islamic society.
3) We are being taught that we are muslims who happen to be students, and not students who happen to be muslims.

'education is for life, not for living'

Circumcision during near puberty is extremely cruel... =.=

Invest 100k on yourself first, before investing 100k on other.
Syeikh Warren Buffet

now i know why brides in india give dowry to groom. =?

Optimus prime pernah berkata : "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing."

Apabila seorang pemuda Islam ingin menentukan cita2nya, pilihlah pekerjaaan yg kamu minat dan suka melakukannya . Senang saja nak tahu, kamu sanggup melakukan kerja itu dgn ikhlas tanpa bayaran. Jgn biarkan pilihan kamu dipengaruhi oleh org lain. 
Insya'Allah :) Allah merahmati pekerjaan kamu yg halal itu. Dan bglah manfaat kepada org lain melalui kerja kamu itu. Wallahualam :D
- Syeikh Navaid Aziz

The best friend is the one that with him, you fell ashamed to do evil :)

Imam al-Ghazali states: “…O beloved disciple, knowledge without action is madness and action without knowledge can’t be!”[3]

Your marriage begins with what you begin when you are single :)

"women of purity are for men of purity and men of purity are for women of purity" (Qur'an 24:26).

Ibrah surah Yusuf: 1st being thrown down to a well, then being sold as a slave, then being tricked by the minister's wife and spent several years in prison.
But later on was raised up by Allah to a high level.
Surah Yusuf was revealed in the most difficult year of The Prophet's life: 'aam al-huzn; when his beloved wife Khadijah & his uncle Abu Thalib." - Sh Tawfique

"Married muslimah, ask yourself. Does your husband run to you, or run from you?" - sheikh Alaa ElSayed

"Beware with syirik. Syaitan has never committed syirik. If we do it, we're more syaitan than syaitan." - Sheikh Hussein Yee

Akhirat calculation must be given serious consideration over the monetary calculation.
For example, halal stuffs must be given priority over haram stuffs even though the halal is wayyyy more expensive than the haram.
A RM20 mineral water VS a RM2 liquor. Which one would u choose?

"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian."
Listening to poem by Boonnaa Mohammed - soo cool! 

Conferenced ma'a syeikh bilal phillips, alaa elsayed, yahya ibrahim, hussein yee, taufiq chowdori n met shinji moriwaki, boonaa mohd, muadz dzulkefly.

has witnessed world's craziest donation bid. Awesome

bak kata kawan aku, ramai sangat bidadari (sisters laa) di ToF. Cuak jugak ahh sebenarnya, rasa pening2 sebab asyik pandang lantai tu pun ada jugak wahaha~ tapi rasa bertuah jugak sebab dikelilingi orang yang hebat. Seniors yang bercuti dari Aussie, UK grads yg masih berhubung, local philosophers, semuanya buat aku rasa kerdil gilaa lah.

Looking forward to next year's ToF. kali ni mesti daftar weksyop marriage awal2...!! Chehhh

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