Monday, September 3, 2012

Prep update.

                I know it’s been a while since I updated my previous entry, and there’s actually a lot to spill out but seriously I am running out of time. Walls surrounded me at these times that I’d once consider the thought of posting vlogs. I dare not though. =.=

                Last Saturday, my family and I were in Kuantan visiting our relatives (yang tak pernah tahu ramai sebenarnya kat sana). Earlier that day, we played tennis and checked out from the Swiss Garden resort. And by late evening, we already arrived in Subang Jaya, attending Kamil’s majlis doa selamat and joining futsal with the ‘semangat sukan soton’ team at the Sportsplanet.

                I returned home at 1 am. Then it took a while for me to sink into the reality that I’ve not done with my visa application! (this is due to the uni’s late update towards my new passport, not me procrastinating. eheh alasan je lebihh)

                I have not finished my Syawal fasting, my reading materials, my cooking lesson, buying luggage stuffs and to spend some quality time with le family and friends. And to think that I only have three weeks left at home, macam cacing kepanasan dan macam kera makan belacan lahh aku…! Aiyaaa

                Ok anyhow I shall make this post short. And to those who kept asking when is my flight to London, September 22nd. it is. Which university? universiti yang ada kaitan dengan susu, sotong dan ‘semangat sukan’ -.-!

                Misi ke universiti idaman tercapai jua akhirnya. Tak sabar juga sebenarnya nak sambung pengajian (errr…). Jadi sekarang cuma tinggal beberapa misi, iaitu misi yang pernah aku conteng menggunakan pen marker di cermin loker dorm berkat 1 dulu;
11 1As dalam genggaman,
doktor pakar kupunya masa depan,
Study overseas kuharapkan,
Dalam hatiku 30 juzuk alquran.
selamat hari raya!!! ikhlas daripada geng pasir mas, kelantan ^^

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