Saturday, November 24, 2012

Voice of Gaza

"I don't actually believe in the power of peace demonstration. Because it's only a part of the process, and it doesn't give much effect as well," said the guy.

The guy is a Muslim as well, a Malaysian like me. Our wavelength of thoughts are a bit different. And while I learned to tolerate in ideas' disagreement, I unconsciously felt quite flabbergasted as I replied him, "well, that's the least that we can do."

And the least that both of us did was standing in front of the Bargate, Southampton in full support of the Palestinian voice against Israel's inhumane aggression.

free Gaza

The demo happened last week, and it was my first appearance in public anger. It was my first experience to stand for a cause. The first congregational movement for my brothers and sisters in Islam. Ultimately, the first brain jumpstart from a sealed box of narrow point of view.

The question then would be; why now? And for this case, I thanked Allah the best Planner for He had made our life events in such a way that they are not some magical coincidences. 

A few days before I decided to voice for Gaza in Soton, I need to accomplish an assignment as a part of my course. It was due a day after the Zionist's madness. The assignment was an oral presentation regarding any project that I've done before. And the project that I chose was a charity outreach towards a group of orphans (previously shared in this post).

The assignment slot was quite lively. My friends were actively asking questions and giving answers after each individual's presentation. But when it's my turn, nobody asked questions. 

Everyone seemed sinking in a deep thought, until my lecturer himself asked me, "do you have any personal attachment to the people in Gaza?"

I realized that I was a bit emotional in my presentation, and to balance that out, I answered, "err… i guess that it's not like what you think. firstly, i am not an orphan."

"It is only because that, most people in Gaza are Muslims. And Muslims are indeed brothers."

Allah said in the Qur'an; 'The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers. And fear Allah that you may receive mercy' (49:10). The solution of the world's complexity is very clear. For Muslims, fear Allah and His mercy shall be upon us. This premise, of course, should not be just a belief. It is the act that matters, no?

I believe, and everyone does, that the West are consistent in championing human rights. Note that the 'West' refers to political figure by default, and it is not necessarily true towards common people. 

        I remembered an incident in a bus. We're holding Gaza banners and signs when suddenly a man came and asked, "I heard that there's something big in the city today… is he (Gaza) not playing anymore?" Lol, the man was referring Gaza to a footballer who happens to have his name 'Gaza'. -.-

There were so many curious onlookers and we'd a great time in explaining what's what. There's even a Punk who suddenly danced and shuffled in front of us, and an old man who repeatedly said "kill! kill! kill!". They were totally random, and what makes it more random was that they eventually came to us and asked us the purpose of this demonstration.

Public awareness; this is our part. What have you contribute?

Nak harapkan majalah Mangga? hmmph

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