Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ekonomi pun seni mentadbir manusia...

... selain daripada politik.

Oh hello assalamualaikum. Gata tangey molek ni. X tahu guano tibo2 beraso nok hapdet belog pulok haihhh...

 Yes it has been a very long time since i read a good article on economics stuffs, not until the bajet 2014 has been announced recently. I was listening to the announcement on radio on my way home from KLIA, and on the next morning, i quickly grabbed a STAR newspaper after a nasi kerabu breakfast. The property articles in the news has always been my favourite (also with the fact that i realised i dont have enough money to buy even a decent house in the klang valley area. heck, also with the fact that there’s even a lot of offer from property buyers to buy my parents’ house with rm1 million oh my goodness what has our house price has become! )

 And hence i came across the proposed increase in real property gains tax (RPGT) to 30% to reduce the speculative effect. For those who dont know, it is the tax imposed to owners who sell their property within a few years’ time (which in our case, 5 years?). I know that there has been a lot of opinions regarding this, but anyway here’s my thoughts (mind you, i am neither an economist nor one who is involved in property but hey, i aspire to become one =)

 RPGT has been used as a tool to increase exit cost of the property industry. Without doubt, the gov. wants serious players only in the industry. This might be the counter attack move against the increasing number of in-out going industry players. The effect of RPGT could be a reduce in property players, hence what’s left are serious buyers and big players.

 The ceteris paribus, is, the gov. fails to understand that, with decreasing purchasing power the rakyats are experiencing lately (SUDDEN increased price of basic inelastic demand stuffs like petrol, sugar, services and the list goes on and on), local property buyers are in fact serious buyers alike. This might sounds vague without solid evidence, but i must stress that RPGT is merely a fixing tool, not an effective policy to tackle rakyat issues. Whether it is a successful fixing tool or not, the results could take years to be concluded.

 Property is really a messed-up problem. Abah has been always afraid of his children’s future that he had once said that he intended to make another storey for his children. Tapi anok2 abah buleh pulok buat tok tahu hahahh. Developers have been stressing that increased price of building materials is the root of the problem. Now, with increased cost of industry’s exit and entrance, i doubt the govt’s move to initiate low-cost housing scheme. Oh and of course, the affordable housing scheme is again a fixing tool; so that urban blue-collared people turn into silence?

 I have always been excited knowing that there are more and more fixing tool has been introduced into the system - increased amount of br1m, kr1m, car tax, rpgt, etcetera2, you name it. I am excited not because of the lucrative ‘gula2’ offered, but thinking that the gov. still have their guts to mislead people (?). A gov. gotta do what a gov. gotta do eh? But really? Not even a serious proposed implementations to rip down capitalist-minded ministers and corruptions at core? Talking about a cowherd who managed to secure a condo in KL? This is really sick.

 Back to the property sector, the RPGT and other plans proposed are actually a good thing to be heard of. And hell yeah, gov. supporters have always been welcoming the moves, with some cold heart to blind their eyes towards core rakyat problems, of course. This, is one of the reason why i'm in the UK right now =P lulz.

 Again, i am sorry if my words are actually very vague for some economics discussion or analysis. A freakonomics gotta do what a freakonomics gotta do, haa!!! (oh well, you know how freakonomics authors work; an instinct of weird human behaviours is all it needs as inference before sourcing the relevant data).

Oh by the way, gomo Kelate gomo!!! =D
Huarghh beraso nok kelik pulok. Beraso nok dok ttebeng depe tibi dgn umi abah adik2 tengok trw beley2 makey kepok ike. aaaaa...!!!!

dan ini pula tangkapan Amsterdam tempoh hari. Asal travel je mesti beli buku hadoyai

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