Saturday, November 23, 2013

Langit November...

…sumpah sejuk nak mampus. And it’s not even winter yet pfft. 

Anyway, on the last 19th. November, I decided to get some love and joy in the dawn as you can see below (?)

nahh cubalah cari Comet Lovejoy!! (30s f3.5 ISO200)

It’s not that joyous though, being in the UK as you know it. The comet appeared really fuzzy through my Celestron UpClose 10x50 bino. There’s light pollution, and one could not anticipate how’s the cloud’s behaviour like we always did back then in a much calmer Malaysia. And it’s below freezing point temperature as well! mannn that hurts.

On any other day, I will not let myself out during pre-dawn here. It’s just happened to be that the 19th. was the only day in that particular week that had clear sky visibility (of course, with some minus zero degree celsius), and the comet was in its closest proximity to our Earth, and it just happened to swift through below the Ursa Major and above that Leo’s butt. 

Oh, and there’s comet ISON too! Damn it those folks in Malaysia are so lucky this time (judging from the pictures those geng falak took).

And if it does not succeed in doing so, those pigs on the Sun must be very unfortunate, ey? hahahh! Alright, now now where am I getting this? Okay umm, so… in the wake of these comets sightings, I’ve come to a conclusion (not really, it’s just like a sudden feeling) that we humans are nothing more than a spectator?

It is true that they say the space is not remote at all despite its vastness. Literally it is only an hour drive if you drive your car upwards, and yes we’ve been sending millions of trash to the space since the Sputnik. But through Gravity (I meant the film), space is not 'home' at all. Such security of being on Earth is none other like being in a mother’s womb.

It is that one ‘something’ that holds us and blesses us. Sure, i’m not talking about Gaia here anyway as I am a believing Muslim (heck i should do some revealed thoughts courses in university if this persist) and I am out of words after all, so do watch this =D

banyak betul insiden sentap berlaku belakangan ini. perhati langit jangan sampai tak berpijak pada tanah. Al-fatihah kepada arwah Ammar, insan hebat di mata penghuni dunia dan langit!

tbh, i was about to write some stuff about 2 Easts and 2 Wests (al-Rahman verse 27) but oh well i’ll save it for later urghhh. Assalamualaikum!

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