Saturday, May 3, 2014


Sedak duduk minum teh o,
minum teh o di kedai Pak Do,
maghi adik kakok ambo nok crito,
crito istimewo insan mulio.

Insan mulio ni demo kenal ke dok?
hok pero kito sapa teriok-teriok,
kehulu kehilir dibowok baru branok,
sapo lagi dio kalu bukey Mok.

Jangey dok bbeli ubak kabak,
nati key free2 keno piak,
mok pesey doh mok sokmo royak,
bukey bleber mok cumo nasihak.

Gi skoloh abah hatar nge keto,
bowoklah bekal buohnyo settor,
sobar lah mok ajar alif bo to,
cukup ilmu akhirat nge dunio.

Besar sikit kito masuk unibesiti,
besar banyok koho dekat ko mati,
sukolah mok anok besar nok bbini,
jangeylah dibiar mok kesik sunyi.

Sapa maso mmutihlah ubey,
kenanglah jaso ingat ni awe,
Miri La Yaya oh adik-adik abe,
Berjasolah ke mok sepanjey zamey.

Happy birthday ummi!! =)

Hari ni birthday umi and haritu adik2 aku request buat video utk upcoming birthday umi, tapi entah mcm mana pagi itu aku rasa a bit puitis dan barangkali kerana #inspirasiErnaq (lol takde kaitan), maka terhasillah sajok ni. I wish I could write more - like depicting our childhood memories and some kampung life in a humorous kelantanese dialect, but oh well, i think i should save that for other occasions.

ps; counting days until our uk roadtrip. erghh cepatlaaaahhh sampai siniiii uhuk2.

selfie @ dead sea. nak travel lagi, tapi mcm x sampai hati tinggalkan banyak carbon footprint. my carbon dioxide footprint last year saja dah almost 5000 kg -.-! how lah?


Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful person.
I like your poem. It would have been perfect if you didn't slyly sneak an English word in one of the verses. Caught you, ha.
You made me miss home and my carefree childhood. Life was simpler back then, too. (Write more!)

I like the picture as well. You're quite the photographer, aren't you? It's a good one - I like the facial expressions you managed to capture. I don't know if it was intended, but at first glance, the picture made me laugh - thanks to the shirtless gentleman who looked lost, haha. I wonder why it seems like he's the only one whose face was smeared with mud? (…dust?) The two next to you each has a beautiful smile. And the one next to the white-teeth glasses guy looked so happy; it makes me want to smile. The way he laced his fingers with the other two was interesting. Aaand why is there only half of your face in the picture? Lol. I can tell you were smiling too - what a waste.

… I'm sorry this is just another rambling comment. Sigh. Something is ruining my brain cells. xx

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo anonymous strikes back! Let's see how many comments you guys make this time.

*Observer dalam diam*

nazrinafifi said...

Well hello again, anonymi..!! So glad seeing you guys here =)

And yes, i wish to write more about our childhood pastimes insyaallah. Tebas dusun, pikat burung, lastik sarang tebuan, mandi parit, kejar ayam, etc. heck, banyak gila benda psl kampung yg hendak aku coretkan.

Oh, you're quite an observant one, eh anonymous? You could even tell that I am the one half-cropped and is smiling in the picture. Awww *diabetic sekejap*


Anonymous said...

Why, fellow anonymous, I say we should start a club and start discussing strategies to win in a war. We'd make a good team, I think. :)

Blog owner-sama, I think your kampung experience will be fun to read, so please do write them. I don't need to be observant to know that's you half-cropped - I'm pretty sure others who stare at the picture for 5 minutes would know, too. :P

... I'm so very sorry. Sometimes I forget that it isn't just you and me - other people can read our comments too. It was fun while it lasted. I guess I was thrilled because I haven't had anyone to call a worthy rival for so very long, and I got too excited pfft. Please accept my humble apologies. I didn't mean to put you in a difficult spot. Sorry!

Lastly, I think you're a wonderful person and you should know it. Thank you for taking time to read my comments and post thoughtful replies, I really appreciate it. May all the happiness in the world be yours. :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

nazrinafifi said...

At a moment i was like, "blog owner-sama?" I don't think I deserve any honorific suffix, unless you meant 'sama' in malay, lol.

Anyways, I am sorry, too, if in any way or another, I've been causing you to have weird (probably mutual) feelings of getting thrilled or if you were affected by some of my words. I accept your apologies, but worry not darling, I am not finding myself in any difficult spot. We're good, we are good. =)

Don't stop missing me, hikkkk XD. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you don't like -sama? Okay, I'll call you Haru-chan instead.

There's nothing for you to apologise about. I'm not really affected, you see, because I don't have a name or a face attached here. It's a different case for you - so I have a legit reason to be worried. The thrill isn't a bad thing because I love it and it's hard to come by - I'm never one to be easily impressed. I enjoy games and I don't like losing in the ones I voluntarily chose to be a player in. I take my games seriously, but it doesn't mean I'd cause any harm to my partner/rival/enemy - especially not the ones I respect.

I'm not really sure if you get what I'm saying, I'm bad with words. Geh. Thank you for the reassurance anyway, sweet bun.

(Hm, I don't remember saying anything about missing you?)

This is random (then again, when was I ever not random? Guess you'll have to live with it, Haru-chan) but have you seen this? Cool stuff. (...or lame for you. Unfortunate, but I don't know your taste.) xx