Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fuji XQ1

Or perhaps, 'Balerno' is better for the title?

Anyway, the sun shone gloriously yesterday, trying not to lose to its naughty neighbour Bertha and I took this opportunity to test my Fuji XQ1. There are already a lot of review on the internet (dpreview or Amazon etc), and I must say, this tiny guy does his job very well!

I've got asked many times 'why did you buy this one?'

My personal answer would be it's because I need a point-and-shoot pocketable camera to work alongside my dslr. At times, I just feel that dslr is too heavy for a leisure stroll or for a long active vacation. Rasa nak jual dslr pun ada, haha.

And the general answer would be, it's because this tiny guy had a 2/3 sensor in it!!!! (a bit smaller than the mighty Sony RX100, but hey, this Fuji is damn cheap)

left: the foot of the Harlaw reservoir

left: Balleny farm - a 19th century mill

The only major weakpoint I find in Fuji XQ1 is its clickless lens dial. Also, for different shooting modes, the lens dial functions differently. You might find that it is used for zooming and at other instant, it works only to change scenes' mode. Of course, you can basically default this in setting, but the challenge is that it takes time to familiarise with the setup.

Note: I did not edit/post-process any of these pictures. The white balance setting is a bit on a warm side.

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