Saturday, July 11, 2015

FB social experiment

1) The response.

Ada yang bagus (perhaps they know who i am inside out). Ada yang mengarut. Dan ada yang langsung lari dari topik asal. Ada yang ikhlas memberi solusi, despite not knowing one's shortcomings. Dan ada yang tidak pernah memberi solusi tapi hanya menambah rencah perbahasan supaya tampak intelektual seperti saudara Imran Mustafa. haha.

Kadang2, ia mampu memberi gambaran ringkas tentang siapa circle of friends kita. Gambaran ringkas je lah sebab this is ultimately the virtual world je pun.

2) The (unknown) disclaimers.

Disclaimers restrict one's opinion, hence it is always best to avoid them unless you are being very objective. I, of course, do not have nothing in mind for my postgraduate studies, do not have limited exposure of industrial experiences, and do not 'really' into medics. Those are only provocations and false declarations - intended to dig alternatives or to table new discussions.

You see, ceteris paribus opens new perspectives of how we see the premise. For instance, reading between the lines in my status below, one could simply concur that engineering studies are not for the curious minds. To a certain degree, it serves corporational profit purposes only. But that is exactly how the world works. Commercialisation, including education business, without doubt, has propelled our civilisation forward. In a larger scale, WW1 'war business' has enabled us to make rockets to the Moon.

Have we derail from the original social experiment? Nope. The experiment's loose variables, in a sense, knock us hard with harsh realities. Our job is simple - connect the dots and see the world in a wider spectrum.

3) Uslub (methodology)

Of course, there should be a much formal way to gather informations. But a social experiment is a social experiment. Friends (or anonymous) must be really comfortable in giving his/her opinions, hence I believe a normal conversation with subjects not knowing that it is an experiment, is a better way to go.

Apebende ntah yang aku merepek nih, hahah. But in all honesty, I enjoyed playing devil's advocate in all social media that I have (evil grin). I know, I am that lonely :(

ps: status fb di bawah tidak mewakili pandangan sebenar penulis, atau siapa-siapa saja yang tumpang menawarkan komen. aku minta maaf sebab tak erase nama korang. haha keji kan.


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